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SUB Photo creates grad photos at the University of Alberta. Along with U of A grad photos we take passport photos, government and university IDs, and professional headshots.

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What shirt should I wear?

February 24, 2019

We're often asked what clothing you should wear when you come in for your grad photos.  Honestly, everything below your neckline doesn't matter much - the gown covers most of your clothes and we aren't likely to photograph your shoes.  What does matter is the shirt collar you're wearing!

Traditionally, men should wear a shirt & tie, and ladies should wear something wide-necked like a tank top so it won't show under the gown.  Of course, these looks don't suit everyone - a few variations are shown below.  Just keep in mind that graduation is a dressy event - take time to plan your appearance and check with your family if you're in doubt.

You can see some sample photos below.  Notice that there are different colours, fabrics and styles of collar, various ways of wearing a hijab, different necktie colours and a mix of shirt patterns - each variation looks different and you can choose the look that suits you best.  Let us know if you have suggestions for some other ideas!

Rebuilding March 2019 - photos coming soon!

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