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SUB Photo creates grad photos at the University of Alberta. Along with U of A grad photos we take passport photos, government and university IDs, and professional headshots.

Monday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
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Wednesday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Thursday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
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Friday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
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Mar. 30: Good Friday
Apr 2: Easter
Appointments are required for all sessions except passport photos. To book an appointment click here.

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FAQ: Photo sessions

July 27, 2016

Now that you've booked your photo appointment, here's a few tips to get you ready and some info about the types of portrait sessions we offer.

What types of sessions are there?

When you arrive we will ask which portrait session you wish to choose.  The main difference is in the number and variety of poses you would like to have.

BASIC Grad Session  -  $20

Easy cap & gown portraits

The “Basic” grad session ($20.00 +GST) is the most common choice for students who require cap & gown portraits.  You will receive a variety of poses (roughly 12 different images) including different backgrounds, props, and some “fun” poses if you wish!

Special note: in 2018, the Interdisciplinary Science Students' Society (ISSS) is covering this fee for their members - so Bachelor of Science students get a FREE SESSION!


ENHANCED Grad Session  -  $30

More choice, more options, more people?

An “Enhanced” grad session ($30.00 +GST) adds about 50% more poses, and is perfect if you want to take portraits with friends, pets or family members.  You could also take photos in a different outfit, such as your grad suit or dress, or simply add extra poses and variety to your cap & gown session.



Get your LinkedIn profile ready for the job hunt!

Our "Portfolio" or headshot session ($75.00 +GST) is ideal for LinkedIn and other profiles; these portraits are designed to  present you as a professional!  Many faculty and staff choose this session as well for self promotion and website purposes.  We take a small selection of poses for you to review on-site; your favourite image will be retouched and all photos can be downloaded (watermark-free) from an online gallery.


OUTDOOR Portraits

Fresh air and a fresh look for your portraits

Our "Outdoor" session ($149.00 +GST) costs more but includes quite a bit more, and so requires contacting the studio directly to book your time.  We will take you and your family or friends "on location" around the U of A - indoors or outdoors on campus.  We know a few great spots, or you can choose; your session will last between 30 and 60 minutes and include a wide variety of photos.  You receive an online gallery of your portraits which you can share online, and a print credit that's enough for an 8x10" print or a number of other products.  Note that this isn't just for grad photos - it could be photos of yourself, or with your family, pets, or sweetheart too!

2014_ESA 2014-0804sm.jpg


When you've been told to book a session here :-)

The "Organization" session is designed for companies and campus groups that want matching portraits for their group purposes.  This includes Fraternities and Sororites which are making wall composites; companies producing a photo directory of their staff; and classes that require a set of yearbook photos.

If your group wants to arrange portraits for a similar purpose please let us know!  We work with many groups across campus and around the city to create great photos for websites, publications and annual reports.  


What should I do to get ready for my grad photos?

For guys – come dressed to impress!  A dress shirt and tie look best under the grad robe, and if you take time to shave and do your hair carefully, we know you (and your mom) will be happier with the results!

For ladies – we suggest you prepare the way you might for a dressy event.  Think wedding guest, not bridesmaid.  Take the time to do your hair and makeup, but not too dramatic - in our experience a brand-new look isn't a great idea right before a photo session.  We suggest you wear a tank top or other wide-neck blouse so the neckline of the robe will be unobstructed, but a stiff-collared dress shirt can look nice as well.  (Check our "Grad Portfolio Gallery" for a few photo samples.)  

What should I bring along?

In short, your session fee and your smile!  At our studio we have pretty much everything you need for a great set of grad photos.  We supply the cap, gown and hood for bachelor's and most master's degrees at no extra cost; PhD (doctorate) students should visit the University Bookstore (right across the hall) and rent a gown before their session.  We also have some props you can use for the photos; live roses and a scroll are the most commonly used from our collection.  You are encouraged to bring your own props along if you'd like something personal or fun in your portraits!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our photo sessions.

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