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SUB Photo creates grad photos for students at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Along with U of A grad photos we take passport and visa photos, government and university IDs, and professional headshots.

WE'RE BACK: Although COVID-19 closed our doors for a while, we've returned to a 'new normal' operation at our studio. Please take a look at the new rules in place before booking a session.

For July 2020:
Weekdays, 9:30am - 4:30pm
• Closed on most statutory holidays.
Click here to view all the available sessions on our studio calendar.

(One-time changes to our availability)
Monday Aug. 3:
    Closed for Heritage Day
Monday Sept. 7:
    Closed for Labour Day
Appointments are required for all sessions including passport photos. To book an appointment click here.

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Getting Ready for Your Photos

Updated February 15, 2020

Whether you're comfortable having portraits taken or feeling a little awkward, these tips can make a big difference!  Preparing in advance will make your session easier, give you confidence and help create some great photos.  

Check your shirt!

Your grad gown will have a v-shaped neckline.  This means the top of your shirt usually shows, so it's important to plan what you wear on photo day.  Guys traditionally wear a shirt & tie, and ladies usually bring a tank top or other low-collar shirt that won't show.  If you are non-binary or want to try your own look that's no problem - what you wear is up to you!  The photos on this page show a few examples that may help you plan ahead.

For professional headshots, choose an outfit that reflects the impression you're hoping to make.  A good rule of thumb is to be slightly more dressy for your photo than you will be in the workplace.

Details matter.

Imagine that you're getting ready for a classy event or a nice dinner.  Of course you'll take a shower, shave or do your makeup, and pay attention to the details of your appearance; you might even have your hair trimmed a few days in advance.  Think of being a wedding guest, rather than a member of the bridal party - you can pay for a professional stylist but you certainly don't need to!  Since you'll probably give these photos to your parents, it may also help to think about what they'd like to see.  (Hint: you want them to be happy!)

Have fun with it!

Professional photography can be serious business - but it doesn't have to be too serious.  If you like, you can personalize your portraits with accessories that mean something to you!  That can be simple things like your favourite book or hat, or over-the-top ideas like jumping clowns or live chickens!  (Yep, that happened.)  There's no pressure of course - you will get a great set of photos either way - we just wanted to let you know that your ideas are welcome!

Check out a few ideas other people have had on our 'Fun Ideas' page! (Note that pets are welcome at our studio, but not at other locations due to allergy concerns.)


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